Information for PS Elements Users

Many of my current templates are not compatible with PS Elements.  I use a single PSD method that requires the use of several features that aren't available in Elements.  

I can create an Elements package for almost any of my previous templates.  These range in price from $25-$75 depending on the complexity of the template and whether I need to create a new set of files especially for you.  If you have your heart set on a template that is not Elements-friendly, I can generally get an Elements package ready for you in just a few days.  :)

Here is a current list (as of November 2013) of Elements-friendly templates:

Little Bit of Sunshine
Sweet Light
Autumn Light
Simple Classic
Playful Heart
Jennifer Hill
Catherine Jackson
Brian Alan
Megan Adams
Jane Gentry
Allie Bright
Rory & Me


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